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Here’s our Marketing Monday collection of creative resources that would help your design and branding pop up with a touch of creativity and make the whole process fun if you are working on a campaign or development of your brand.

When you are choosing the right typography to make your brand memorable, make sure you choose something that is up to date and trending right now or lately. If you choose something that is considered outdated or behind the times, it might impact your brand a big time. An audit of your company or product brand requires some analysis and research so the key is search and select the right typography which can translate into sales success. If you are looking for someone to help you with your brand, work with us to come up with branding strategy for you or your business.

Silver South Font Duo – an elegant font duo that contains both serif and script that are totally contemporary. If you are looking for something that combines both font styles for your creative project, this font duo is it!

Pink Crown Media, as a marketing consultancy, can assist you with your brand intelligence and digital marketing needs by doing an audit of your business, your website, and go over your short-term and/or long-term goals. Let’s talk about how Pink Crown Media can help your digital marketing needs.

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