Public Relations, Branding & Web Development



The client needed a new web site that has e-commerce capability in order to promote and sell the fashion designer’s fashion collections. Client was consulted on best technology to be implemented for his web site, developed promotional materials as a part of brand management of his vision, and developed e-commerce solution that made ordering online easier for customers and for client to manage. Event and email marketing was included as a part of public relations strategy to draw many people to annual fashion show events hosted by the fashion designer, Josue Flores.

What We Did

Public Relations
Web Development

Public Relations

Event & email marketing were used to promote the fashion show events, engaging with fans, fashion lovers, the media, and blog in addition to special event coordination of fashion models, photographers, catering, and registration.


Coordinated with photographers for the fashion shows hosted by the fashion designer Josue Flores. Some of photography seen below was taken by Ali Mojahedi, along with other photographers, which took and produced photos of the fashion shows over the years and sent to various sources in the media.