Youth Leadership Camp Alumni Foundation

Branding & Web Development



The client needed a new web site for their organization so they could increase their marketing and outreach efforts to past, present and future members who have participated in nationwide camp leadership events. Donations, membership management and event marketing were their key engagement with the members and general donors online. A new look were developed to unify their vision and to improve their recruitment efforts for those who have not or are not familiar or aware of such organization that exists. Client wanted to do more events so content marketing was implemented so they can spread the word about upcoming events that the members or interested parties can participate for a good cause.

What We Did

Web Development


The client is involved with Youth Leadership Camp for many years and their memorable experiences were shared among the past and current campers, they wished to continue their support of Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) with a major fundraising goal in keeping YLC running for many more years for future generations. The client wished to upgrade their branding to be coordinated with their marketing materials that allows them to connect with the past and current alumni at various events. Therefore, several promotional materials have been created and developed this year to reflect its unified brand. Our agency provided consultation and idea creation to the committee which resulted in different products for marketing purposes.